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Users of this site understand vyrtical.com is for entertainment and educational purposes, and not for promoting a product or service for personal gain. Any activity of promoting a product or service that in some way benefits the same individual is a misuse of this site and the user will be banned from any or all parts of the site and its links. This type of behavior detracts from this site's reputation and will not be tolerated.


All users of this site are expected to upload their original work, have written permission from the original artist, and/or permission of anyone shown in the work in order to upload it to Vyrtical. Any user on this site suspected of plagiarism (accepting credit for work that person did not do) will be investigated and then banned from the site and/or prosecuted legally if necessary.


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In addition, all users of this site are prohibited from uploading, posting, and/or linking (or by any other means) damaging material that is harmful to computers or other property. This is against the law, and will not be tolerated.

It is also expected of you to be courteous while visiting the site and making comments about other people's work. We do not tolerate swearing, racism, sexism, or other hate driven words. Also, no spam, no disrespecting other members, and no unwanted advertising. Keep all arguments and discrepancies to yourself and be tolerant of others' opinions. Any arguments or fights should be done in private.

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