About Us

What We Are Made Of


At it's core, Vyrtical is made up of competitions, each with their own theme. The theme is determined by the person who started the competition. After a competition begins, people create their own interpretation of the theme. The winner is determined by the number of upvotes and downvotes for each entry. Since competitions never end, anyone can enter a competition at any time and become the winner.


Points are awarded for making Vyrtical a better place. You can earn points by winning a competition, inspiring others to enter competitions, and earning upvotes. Your score reflects your reputation within the Vyrtical community. The higher your score, the better your reputation.


We have been developing an addon that will allow access to Vyrtical dirctly from Blender. Our goal is to allow you to start competitions by uploading renders and screencasts of your works. As Vyrtical grows, we expect the plugin to grow with it.

Our History

University of Washington Capstone Project

Irascibleone, Haze, and Choices began working on Vyrtical (then called 48) in January of 2013 for a capstone project with the Information School at the University of Washington. Our goal was to create a website where Blender 3D users would be able to entertain, inspire, and improve their skills in an encouraging and supportive community.

Why we built Vyrtical

Depsite the many sites already available to Blender users, we have pursued this new project to cope with the change in the community and to incorporate functionality for an enjoyable experience. Having been part of the community for many years and having received so much, we decided it was time to return the favor. We believe that our past experience and involvement with the community will greatly help all of you have an enjoyable time in Vyrtical.

Opening the to world

In June 2013, Vyrtical opened to the public. Even though it was still a bit rough around the edges, we are allowing anyone in the Blender community to begin competing and sharing their works. Right now, we are still working out the kinks, but we hope with a little help from all of you that we will be able to create an amazing community.